Introducing Roundtown Candle Co

Hey everyone! I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I'm Jessica Blankenship, and I'm the CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Roundtown Candle Co. I'm mom to 16 year old twins, Brandon and Ellie, and bonus mom to my stepson, Isaac, who is 17 years old. I am happily married to Chris, and we work together at the auto repair shop he started almost 30 years ago.
You might be wondering how I ended up in the candle business. I absolutely LOVE candles but hate the headaches they always seem to give me. It doesn't matter if I'm burning a $2 candle or a $32 candle. I just can't get away from the headaches. So last year I began researching different types of waxes and fragrance oils and started experimenting with pouring my own candles. I was amazed at the difference it made when I combined 100% natural soy wax and high quality fragrance oils. I could finally burn all the candles I wanted to without a single headache. Now I know I can't be the only one who has a love/hate relationship with big brand name candles, so I decided to make it my mission to pour simple, clean candles to share with as many people as I can.
Soy candles, if you aren't familiar, have some very unique characteristics. Think of them like snowflakes because they really all do come out a little differently. Occasionally the tops have little craters or maybe areas that look like frost. Sometimes there are spots around the sides of the jar where the wax has pulled away slightly. Using 100% natural soy wax is, in my opinion, what makes these candles so beautiful. I finally have a candle that I can feel good about burning in my home. It is my sincere hope that you will love them as much as I do.
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