Goat Milk Soap is now available!

This non-toxic soap leaves your skin soft and is gentle enough to use on your face. Choose from six amazing scents or keep it simple with the unscented bar. Bonus - pick up a wooden soap dish to extend the life of your bar of soap. Double bonus - when you purchase a wooden soap dish along with a bar of soap, you save $2. No code necessary - discount applies automatically at checkout.

Sales Galore - Online & In Store

Soap Dish Bundle - buy 1 bar of goat milk soap & 1 wooden soap dish and get $2 off

Spring Cleaning - 40% off 4oz, 8oz, 8oz tins, and wax melts in the following scents: Hazelnut Coffee, Strudel & Spice, Welcome Home, Toasted Pumpkin Spice, and White Oak & Vanilla

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Winter Sale - 40% off all Hello Winter and Cypress & Bayberry


Natural. Safe. Simple. Beautiful.

Now Open!

Roundtown Candle Co is now open at 901 Clinton St. in Circleville, Ohio. I am so excited to be able to offer my customers a way to shop in person. Be sure to follow Roundtown Candle Co LLC on Facebook for all the latest updates and store hours.

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  • Mission

    My mission is to provide high quality candles made from only the best materials. My candles are individually crafted in small batches which means there may be minor variations from one batch to the next, so I am constantly testing them to make sure they burn evenly and smell amazing. I know there is no shortage of candle makers, and I truly feel honored each time someone chooses to purchase one of mine.

  • Nobody Panic!

    Soy wax isn't the same as most store bought candles. It has unique characteristics (think snowflakes) which make me appreciate it so much more. Here are some differences you will likely notice:

    * Depending on the fragrance used, the color of the wax will vary slightly

    * Soy requires curing time - each candle we pour cures for a minimum of two weeks before it's ready to be sold

    * Frosting and cratering are common with this wax, especially as it cools after each burn

  • Why I Only Use Soy Wax

    * Supports American farmers! It's a 100% natural & renewable resource

    * Non-toxic

    * Burns 25-50% longer than paraffin wax

    * Produces less soot than other waxes

    * Soy wax spills are easily cleaned with soap and hot water

    * Classy and beautiful - I love its natural beauty which is why I choose not to add any coloring to my products

  • Follow the 8-10 Rule

    Does it seem like your candle isn't very strong? If so, try following the 8-10 rule by burning an 8oz candle for every 10ft of space.

  • How to Avoid Candle Tunneling

    Extinguishing a candle before the melt pool has reached the edges causes the wax to form a tunnel. Not only does it take away from the beauty of the candle, it can cause the candle to extinguish itself. To avoid tunneling, make sure you allow the candle to melt completely across each time it's lit.

  • Date Around a Bit

    You don't have to stick with just burning one scent at a time. As your nose gets used to a smell it quits recognizing it. This is why many people think their candles don't have a strong scent. I encourage you to burn different scents in different rooms. This awakens your senses as you go from one room to the next so you can continue to enjoy each scent to the fullest.

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